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Services for foreign expatriates in France, Toulouse, Montauban

Objectif Français Occitanie is an organisation based in Verdun-sur-Garonne in the department of Tarn-et-Garonne that offers services to foreign expatriates in France in the Montauban and Toulouse area. This company, managed by Sandrine Guiot, aims to facilitate the integration of expatriates by offering practical and professional help in all aspects of daily life in France.

To find out more about the services of Objectif Français Occitanie, visit their WEBSITE.

Help with administrative procedures

One of the main services offered by Objectif Français Occitanie is help with administrative procedures. Expatriates may find themselves confronted with a large number of administrative formalities, such as registering for school, applying for a driving licence, registering for healthcare, etc. The Objectif Français Occitanie team will help them with all these formalities to make them as simple and quick as possible.

Objectif Français Occitanie can also help them to look for houses to rent or buy before they move in.

French courses for expatriates

French courses specifically for expatriates are also offered by Objectif Français Occitanie. These courses are designed to help expatriates understand and use French in everyday life. The courses are given by an experienced and qualified teacher who adapts to each level of competence.

Discovering French culture

Discovering French culture is another service offered by Objectif Français Occitanie. Expatriates can participate in excursions and cultural visits to discover the riches of the region and of France. These activities allow them to better understand French culture and to feel more comfortable in their new environment.

Expatriate services Toulouse, Montauban, Moissac
Objectif Français Occitanie provides services to expatriates in a large area around Toulouse, Montauban and Moissac

Coaching and support in everyday life

Expatriates can also benefit from coaching and support in everyday life. Objectif Français Occitanie can help expatriates solve everyday problems and adapt to life in France by offering professional advice and guidance. This can include advice on buying a car, finding accommodation, registering for leisure activities, etc.

Translation services

Objectif Français Occitanie also offers translation services for expatriates who need to translate official documents or personal correspondence. Translations are carried out by experienced and qualified professionals to ensure quality and accuracy.

Mediation and intermediary services with craftsmen or shops

Objectif Français Occitanie can also help expatriates find local craftsmen and shops by offering mediation and intermediary services. Expatriates can thus benefit from assistance in finding the services and products they need, while avoiding difficulties related to communication or understanding local customs. This service is very useful to facilitate the negotiation of a purchase or a quote from a craftsman.

Other services for expatriates

Objectif Français Occitanie also offers other services to facilitate the integration of expatriates in France. It can help expatriates find a job, help expatriates’ children adapt to school, organise outdoor activities for children to reinforce their learning of French culture and help them find health insurance that suits their needs and budget.

The organisation intervenes to facilitate the arrival and daily life of expatriates in Verdun-sur-Garonne and within a 45-minute drive.

For more information, contact Sandrine

06 89 11 74 23

Sandrine Guiot, Objectif Français Occitanie (Link to see her skills).

Teacher of English and French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Graduate IH-London (French CLTA) , Cambridge University (CELTA) , Fonetix Toulouse, TEFL Toulouse, experience as a lawyer, University training in tourism.

Services aux expatriés étrangers en France, Toulouse, Montauban

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